This is what has been happening so far this year...

2015 has been an incredible year for Hartford School of Gymnastics, so as the year draws to a close we are reflecting on a truly sensational year for the club.

Back in January the Display Team complete with 5 new members travelled to Hemel Hempstead to perform at the East Gymfusion event. Just a few weeks later they took to the stage at The Lowry for the North West Gymfusion event. The shorter version of their carnival routine was very well received by the audiences at both events and was a great warm up for the team ahead of Gymfest in May.

In February Kerry Gillies, Bethany Egerton and Olivia Mullineux represented the club at the county grades. In grade 4 Bethany placed 19th and Kerry placed 3rd. Olivia finished 2nd in the grade 1 competition and officially completed the club grade programme, an incredible achievement. After placing in the top 5 Olivia and Kerry represented Cheshire and Merseyside at the regional finals in March and Michelle was also the county coach.

On the 22nd February British Gymnastics officially announced that our medal team had been selected as the presentation party for the 2015 Gymnastics World Championships in Glasgow.

In March the medal team started proceedings for the year at the Men's and Women's Artistic British Championships at the Echo Arena, Liverpool. The team of: Alex Fielding, Abby Hassall, Amy Hassall, Emma Frith, Ella Ronald, Gabriella Cooksley, Olivia Mullineux and Rachel Newsham spent 3 days alongside manager Michelle Oakes presenting medals to the best gymnasts in the country.

Alex Fielding passed her Level 2 Women's Artistic Coaching Qualification with flying colours. Alex achieved 100% on the common core paper and only got 1 question wrong on the sports specific paper. Alex was also praised for her practical exam.

In May the display team of: April Oakes, Charlotte Wheeler, Michelle Oakes, Ashley Tench, Emma Frith, Katie Frith, Megan Palmer, Kathryn Sissons, Alex Fielding, Jenny Martin, Hollie Barlow, Millie Finn, Rachel Newsham, Beth Harrison, Gabriella Cooklsey and Ella Ronald (who was unfortunately injured but was there to support the team from the audience) spent 3 days at the 2015 Scottish Gymfest in Irvine. Friday night saw the performance of their short routine 'Explosive', packed with difficult balances and tumbles the routine was incredibly well received and set the precedent for the rest of the event. On Saturday and Sunday the team gave incredible performances of their main routine 'Carnivals'. You can watch both routines on YouTube.

At the county 2 piece, Hartford was represented by: Jessica Laundy, Ruby Thomason, Grace Haigh, Darla Rigby, Megan Rigby, Roberta Power, Mollie Stamper-Clark, Katie Ridge, Hermione Mason, Taylor Jackson, Megan Day, Sophie Morrin, Thea Smith, Ella Gaskill, Rea Gaskill and Emily Leigh. For many of the gymnasts it was their first county level competition. In their respective categories and age groups Jessica was crowned county champion, placed 2nd on floor and 3rd on vault, Grace came 2nd on floor, Darla placed 2nd on floor and overall, Hermione took silver on floor and bronze overall, Megan and Sophie tied for third place on floor, Thea finished 2nd on vault and took bronze overall and Emily placed first on the vault and took bronze on vault and overall.

In June we held our first Hartford Sets competition of 2015. Over 234 gymnasts took part in the event and showed their parents, friends and family what they had been working on in the gym.

The boys were also in action at their county 2 piece. They had to achieve over 90% for gold, over 80% for silver and over 70% for bronze.Max Baker, Oscar Stamper-Clark, Dane French, Theo Mason all achieved Bronze and Nathan Martin, Daniel Cannon, Thomas Cannon, Lucas Martin, Thomas Holding all achieved Silver in their respective categories.

We also held a Hannah Whelan training day to raise money for the new floor. Hannah organised group activities before giving some coaching pointers to the skills the gymnasts had individually been working on.

In July the girls were back in action at the County 4 Piece Championships. Hartford was represented by: Bethany Egerton, Ella Day, Kerry Gillies, Rhea Carless, Hannah Blain and Ewa Kzryzanowska. Bethany and Ella were competing for the first time at 4 piece and Kerry and Ewa were competing for the first time at a new level. In the Pre-Novice age 10, competition Rhea placed 3rd on vault, 1st on beam and took the county title. Bethany placed 3rd on vault and 7th overall. At Pre Novice age 12,Ella placed 3rd on bars, 2nd on beam, 1st on floor and 2nd overall. In Novice age 12, Kerry secured2nd on vault and bars, 3rd on beam, 1st on floor and 2nd overall. At Novice age 14+, Ewa came 2nd on bars, 3rd on beam and 3rd overall and Hannah placed 2nd on floor and 7th overall.

Throughout June and July the Display Team completed a marathon of outdoor displays. They performed their skills, balances and vaulting routine at 5 different events all over the county before finishing the year off at the British Minestrada in Liverpool with the final performance of their 'Carnivals' routine.

In July the medal team were back in action at the first ever Championship Series ran by British Gymnastics. The event included the Acrobatic, Aerobic, Rhythmic and Team Gym British Championships as well as the British Minestrada (competition for Display Gymnastics). The team of: Abby Hassall, Amy Hassall, Olivia Mullineux, Emma Frith, Ashley Tench, Alana Hanley, Rachel Newsham, Gabriella Cooksley, Millie Finn and Katie Frith along with Manager Michelle Oakes, completed 12 different medal ceremonies, in 3 different arenas for 5 different disciplines of gymnastics all in 4 days.

In September Mandy Roberts and Ellie Devereux passed their Level 1 Coaching Exams. The medal team of: Emma Frith, Alex Fielding, Millie Finn, Rachel Newsham, Alana Hanley, Hannah Blain and Michelle Oakes presented medals at the Tumbling, Trampoline and DMT British Championships.

The 17th of October was the start of our Worlds adventure. The team of: Ashley Tench, Emma Frith, Michelle Oakes, Katie Frith, Rachel Newsham, Gabriella Cooksley, Ella Ronald, Olivia Mullineux, Abby Hassall and Amy Hassall travelled to Glasgow for a weekend of rehearsals ahead of the championships. Just 10 days later they returned for 6 days of presenting medals to the best gymnasts in the world. The team were on TV all over the world and were able to stand shoulder to shoulder with their gymnastics idols. A once in a lifetime experience that we will treasure forever!

November was possibly the busiest month of the year. At the Cheshire and Merseyside 4 Piece Championships, the 12 strong Hartford Army of: Ella Day, Ella Smith, Jessica Laundy, Hermione Mason, Ella Gaskill, Rea Gaskill, Bethany Egerton, Rhea Carless, Millie Harding, Hannah Blain, Kerry Gillies and Ewa Kzryzanowska did the club very proud. In their respective categories and age grous there were apparatus and overall medals for Ella S, Ella D, Kerry and Rhea, apparatus medals for Ella and Rea and county titles and apparatus medals were won by Hannah and Millie. For many it was also their first 4 piece competition meaning many personal targets were also achieved.

The following weekend a mini medal team of Abby Hassall, Amy Hassall, Hannah Blain and Rachel Newsham attended the Pat Wade International Acrobatic Gymnastics Competition in Stoke.

On Saturday 21st November over £800 was raised towards the new floor fund at the Gym Disco.

Just a week later Emma Frith, Megan Palmer and Kathryn Sissons represented Hartford at the British Vets Championships at Lilleshall National Sports Centre. Kathryn started the proceedings in the Over 18s Novice Trampoline Competition. After a fantastic set routine she placed 2nd .An unfortunate fall at the end of an otherwise perfect voluntary routine saw her place 6th for that routine and overall. Megan was up next in the Women's Artistic Over 18s Novice Competition. An excellent performance of her new floor routine saw her place 4th and after a solid show on bars and vault she placed 11th overall in a 21 strong field. Emma rounded things up. After suffering with injury she gave excellent performances across all 4 pieces using upgraded routines with just an unfortunate fall on beam. She placed 2nd on bars, floor and vault and 3rd overall. Her performance saw her stand on the podium at the event for the third consecutive year, a phenomenal achievement. Andy Cannon also judged the Men's Artistic Competition, his first national judging experience.

At the beginning of December we held our second Hartford Sets Competition. We were very lucky to be joined by Beth Tweddle who helped hand out the medals to all of our gymnasts. Over 252 children took part and Hartford came away with 26 gold medals, 37 silver medals & 22 bronze medals plus 108 Personal Achievement medals!

This year Friends of Hartford School of Gymnastics have done an outstanding job raising money for our new floor. We would like to thank everyone for their hard work, continued support and commitment to our club.

Here's to 2016!



 Girls County 4 piece Invitational

 A fantastic 4 piece County competition from the girls!
The girls were flying the "Hartford Green Army" flag high and proud at the weekend with great results. 

Bethany and Ella were competing for the first time at 4 piece, Kerry and Ewa were competing for the first time in a new level.

Results were....
Novice 12...
Kerry Gillies 2nd Vault, 2nd Bars, 3rd Beam, 1st Floor &
2nd Overall
Pre Novice 10
Rhea Carless 3rd Vault, 1st Beam & 1st Overall
Bethany Egerton 3rd Vault &     7th Overall
Pre Novice 12
Ella Day 3rd Bars, 2nd Beam, 1st floor & 2nd Overall
Novice 14+
Ewa Kzryzanowska 2nd Bars, 3rd Beam & 3rd Overall
Hannah Blain 2nd Floor & 7th Overall



 Thank you to our gym family for supporting the girls, to our judges Megan and Alex and a HUGE well done to The Girls for their hard work.



 Boys Regional 2 piece

 Some of our Boys took part on Sunday in the North West Regional Floor and vault competition at Wigan and showed how hard they had been working.

They had to achieve the following percentages overall to get medals... over 90% for Gold, over 80% for Silver and over 70% for Bronze.

Well done to Max Baker, Oscar Stamper-Clark, Dane French, Theo Mason all achieved Bronze
Nathan Martin, Daniel Cannon, Thomas Cannon, Lucas Martin, Thomas Holding all achieved Silver


 Great results boys Well done and keep up this fab work.



Hartford Sets 2 piece Competition

 What a brilliant day!
Our Hartford Sets competition saw 234 gymnasts competing, some for the very first time! We had 4 visiting clubs and lots of smiling faces.




HUGE THANK YOU's go to our amazing      Gym Family....
Our Coaching team for taking care of and supporting our gymnasts during their competition and throughout their training PLUS presenting a lot of medals!. Our Judges for their knowledge, patience and support. Our Parent helpers for keeping everyone fed and watered throughout the day, making sure scores and presentations were organised, helping to transport/set up the competition and for generally being there to help whenever we ask. Our Friends Of HSog for raising an amazing amount of money towards our new floor area - over £600! - with the tombola and raffle. Our Gymnast helpers for doing jobs throughout the day. Our parents for their support and commitment and our Gymnasts for doing their best and making us very, very proud.


Cheshire & Merseyside County  2 piece (girls)


 What a fantastic weekend with our 2 piece competition girls, Jessica, Ruby, Grace, Darla, Megan, Roberta, Mollie, Katie, Hermione, Taylor, Megan, Sophie, Thea, Ella, Rea and Emily at the County Championships. They all performed brilliantly and some of them were competing at this level for the very first time.
We had medal successes from Jessica - 2 vault, 3 floor & County champion overall. Grace - 2 floor. Darla - 2 floor & 2 overall. Hermione - 2 vault & 3 overall. - 3 floor. Sophie - 3 floor. Thea - 2 vault & 3 overall. Emily - 1 vault, 3 floor & 3 overall.
We are very, very proud of all of our Gymnasts for doing their best at the comp but also for all of the hard work that they put into their training before the event.
Thank you also to our Team Hartford supporters who were loud and proud throughout.  
Well done Gymnasts, Coaches and Gym family!



 Womens Artistic Regional Grades   County Championships

3 of our squad gymnasts have been training hard over the past 4 months to get ready for this event, and they certainly proved that hard work really does pay off.

Olivia Mullineux  -  Grade 1,    2nd place,     Commended 

Kerry Gillies  -  Grade 4,     3rd place,     Distinction

Bethany Egerton  -  Grade 4,     19th place,     Commended

Olivia and Kerry are now selected to represent the county at the Regional finals on 21st May in Wigan.

Well done Girls