Early in 2012 we recieved a 


telephone call from British  


Gymnastics asking if we would


like to be the medal ceremonies


team for the British


Championships in Liverpool that




we said yes and things have


developed from there........





From a team of 8 we now have 18 girls

(&   Charlie!) who volunteer for British


Gymnastics Events at some of their most


prestigious competitions.



We have again been asked to be the

Ceremonies Manager & Team for British

Gymnastics throughout 2019. 

Here is what the team have to look

forward to in 2019...

 13-17 March - Womens & Mens Artistic British

& Disabilities Masters Championship, M & S

Bank Arena, Liverpool

23 March - Artistic World Cup, Birmingham

18-19 May - Acrobatics NDP, Fenton

25-28 July - Championship Series (4

disciplines) M & S Bank Arena, Liverpool

3-4 August - Adult British Championships,


28-20 September - Trampoline, Tumbling &

DMT British Championships, M & S Bank

Arena, Liverpool

 It's going to be another busy year for the team! 




In 2018 we have another busy year volunteering at...

 British Acrobatic Championships 2018, Fenton Manor

British Mens, Womens & Disabilities

Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Echo Arena


World Artistic Gymnastics Cup, Birmingham

Acrobatic Grades National Finals, Fenton Manor 

 British Trampoline, Tumbling & DMT

Championships, Birmingham

Pat Wade Acrobatic Gymnastics, Fenton Manor 




2017 was another busy year for the team which meant

that we needed a bigger team so we recruited a Junior

team, who did a fantastic job.....

March   -  Womens & Mens Artistic Championships,

Echo Arena, Liverpool

July   -  Trampoline & Tumbling NDP Finals,

International Centre, Telford

July  -  Championship Series (4 different disciplines),

Echo Arena, Liverpool

August   -  British Adults Championships,

Lilleshall National Sports Centre

September   -  Trampoline & Tumbling British

Championships, Echo Arena, Liverpool 

November  -  Pat Wade Acrobatics Championships,



The World Gymnastics

Championships 2015....


When I got the call it still didn't seem real.... 


BG have asked us to be the Ceremonies team

at the World Gymnastics Championships in

Glasgow!!... was the call I was making to the


This still didn't seem real when we were

watching highlights back on TV at Christmas

but it was and it was the most emotional,

crazy, action packed, energy draining,

adrenalin pumping experience the team and

myself would ever experience but most of all it

was what dreams were made of, a truly

memorable experience.


Here is the link to the report by Andrew

Simpson from The Guardian newspaper, who

followed us throughout the event....





So far we have presented at these events:

British Veterans Gymnastics Championships 2016

British Championship Series 2016 (incorporating

Sports Acrobatics, Rhythmic, Team Gym, Gym for Life

Challenge & Sports Aerobic), Echo Arena Liverpool 

British Trampoline, Tumbling and DMT

Championships 2016, Echo Arena Liverpool

British Mens & Womens Artistic Championships

2016, including Disabilities Championships,

Echo Arena Liverpool 

Glasgow World Cup 2016  &  Mens Artistic Junior

Championships 2016, Glasgow Emirates Arena

Pat Wade Classic Acrobatics 2015, Fenton  



Tumbling, Trampoline & DMT Championships 2015,

Echo Arena, Liverpool

British Gymnastics Championship Series 2015

(incorporating Acrobatics, Rhythmic, Aerobics,

Teamgym and Ministrada),  Echo Arena Liverpool

British Mens and Womens Artistic Championships

2015, Echo Arena Liverpool.

The Glasgow World Cup 2014,  

Pat Wade Acrobatics Championships 2014, Fenton 

Veterans British Championships 2014, Lilleshall 

British Aerobics Championships 2014, Surry 

Tumbling, DMT &Trampoline NDP Finals 2014,


Team Gym Championships 2014 Fenton Manor 

British Mens & Womens Artistic Championships 

2014, Echo Arena Liverpool 

Acrobatic Championships 2014, Fenton Manor

The Glasgow World Cup 2013

British Espoirs & Junior Mens Championships 2013,

Emirates Arena Glasgow

Aerobics Championships 2013, Reading 

Tumbling, Trampoline & DMT Championships 2013,

LG Arena Birmingham

Rhythmic Championships 2013, Fenton Manor

Team Gym Championships 2013, Fenton Manor

British Mens & Womens Artistic Championships

2013, Echo Arena Liverpool

British Mens & Womens Artistic Championships 

2012, Echo Arena Liverpool